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Second times a charm!

Thank you to the 140 of you that participated in the beta launch on march 15th. The devs made a mess of it and we had to wipe the database. 🤯 If you previously downloaded the app and it's not working, please delete and redownload the app and create a new account. It works great now! 🔥 Sorry about the annoying headache.

Everyone is Welcome

Welcome to Stone Advice, the app for stone people everywhere. Created by fabricators for fabricators, we're all about sharing tips, experiences, and free from ads. Regardless of your group affiliation, you're home. Stay respectful, stay professional, download the app and have fun!

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It's a Platform - Not a group

It's a free app and easy to install!

Together, let's make Stone Advice the go-to hub for knowledge about stone fabrication. On the Stone Advice app we can display our projects, share expert techniques, and seek advice on challenging tasks. 

The app should feel familiar, great pains were taken to follow design cues from iOS, Android and other social media apps. There are a few advanced features that exist including chat and a blog engine. Videos will be posted in the app explaining the advanced features soon. 


Training, News and Resources

Explore our Resources section in the Stone Advice app, designed to keep you and your team updated and equipped. Stay in the loop with our News section, presenting current events relevant to the stone fabrication industry. Our Training Silo will offer organized educational content, perfect for those keen on honing their skills. Need DXF files or handy documentation? We've got that too, along with many more useful tools.

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Let's make a difference!

Upcoming Events



Join the "Back to Basics" workshop at James Donaire's this September 14th & 15th at his 24000sf Facility in Carson City Nevada. Expect hands-on training, expert-led sessions on safety, fabrication, and installation techniques, networking, and fun. Register individually and bring your crew. 

This is going to be the BIG ONE!



Mark your calendars for StoneBiz On The Beach, a landmark event by the Stone Fabricators Alliance on the beautiful beaches of Puerto Rico, from November 1st - 4th. Glean valuable insights from 'Traction' author Gino Wickman and pricing expert Casey Brown, interspersed with thrilling activities on the beach. It's a perfect blend of learning, networking, and tropical relaxation - an event not to be missed!"

September in Nevada

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November in Puerto Rico

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Download the app and make a difference to the trade!

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